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by Laura on March 27, 2013

I love apps that help my child learn.  Especially when they are learning to read, kids need all the practice they can get!  I just discovered a new app for ipad and iphone–Kids Learn Sight Words.

With activities based on Dr. Fry’s Instant Words, (a list of the most commonly used words in the order of frequency) the free version lets you try the first 25 sight words that help a child learn to read.  After each 5 words, they get to play a game with those words.  Although the free version doesn’t save, I love that you get to try it.  We quickly upgraded to the 300 word version. :)


Fabulous pros about this app:

  • child can press to hear the word
  • child can record own voice saying the word
  • practice writing the word with your finger
  • easily erase words to write again
  • various activities that promote repetition and word retention
  • activities are really fun! (puzzles, concentration, tic tac toe, hangman, etc)
  • created by teachers for teachers and students
  • you can buy it in sets of 100 words, or the whole 300 word package at once.
  • 2012 nominee for a Distinguished Achievement Award presented by the Association of Educational Publishers
  • rated for age 4+
  • child can use independently
  • easily choose which word sets to work on, grouped by 5′s

The only con I can think of is you can’t choose specific words to work on.  Small con though in my mind as the words become progressively harder as your child goes on.  You can always repeat a specific set of 5 as many times as you wish.

I love that the child uses multiple modes of learning on this app: auditory, visual, writing, repetition, speaking.  Hope this helps in your travels or for those times your preschooler needs something extra, fun, and educational to do. :)

Challenge–try this app out or let me know one that your child loves to use instead!  Thanks!

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