Training Little Ears to use Headphones

June 19, 2013

What a plethora of activities we can provide to little ones once they can use headphones!  Audio stories, movies on a plane, favorite music playlists, etc.  But what do you do if your child refuses to keep them on and continually pulls them off? Today’s post includes a variety of ideas to help train your [...]

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Free songs to download for your next road trip

May 28, 2013

Found an awesome treat for you this week! 13 songs you can download for free to add to your collection! These are great kid-friendly songs, but sung by artists that you’ll like as well. But hurry…the offer ends on June 1. Check it out! Summer 2013 Road Trip Playlist    

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“Parenting Win: Family Singing Bohemian Rhapsody”

April 24, 2013

Love this video I saw today!  It gives the perfect example of having fun with your kids in the car and to let yourself, as the parent, loosen up and enjoy your time with them.   So confession time:  Have you ever done something like this with everyone in the car singing and dancing?  You [...]

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Playlists for the car

April 10, 2013

In my upcoming book, Happy Little Travelers, I’ve been collecting and compiling songs that are perfect for both adults and kids to enjoy while traveling.  You know, those type of songs where you love to sing along, and your child easily picks up the lyrics and might start belting it out too?  We all know [...]

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CO/TN/TX/CO Roadtrip!

August 3, 2012

I’ve started on quite a long road trip!  For the next week, we’ll be traveling through several states for family reunions and to finish our moving.  A few things I’ve done to make the first part of our drive exciting: 1.  Bought a few new activity books.  Lots of puzzles, stories, games. 2.  Made sure [...]

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5 FREE, and little prep ways to entertain your child

July 23, 2012

Budgets are tight when family vacations come up. Here’s 5 free ways to entertain your toddler to help your budget stretch farther and make your car trip smoother! 1.  Puppet fun.  Draw on your hands to make little puppets.  Demonstrate to your child how to make her hand talk and sing or have an older [...]

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12 ways to entertain young kids on a hike or outdoor activity

July 16, 2012

Teaching the love of the outdoors is an important thing to pass on to our kids.  Most children will start out strong during a family outing, but will fade if they get tired, hot, hungry, or bored.  Here are 11 great ways to keep the happy factor up!     1.  Find walking sticks.  Experiment [...]

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Making Your Own Fun

April 27, 2012

There are so many fun ways to add excitement to a road trip without any toys!   I think this video says it all:     Check out my post “Dancing and Singing Along, Together” for playlist ideas for dancing if you don’t think acapella is for you And if you want to know–yes, we [...]

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Baby Fun–My Own Piano

April 11, 2012

Today’s What’s out there Wednesday is directed towards our littlest travelers.  Check out the Garanimals “My Own Piano.”   Sold in Walmart’s baby section  for only $4   Great for a teething toy and small finger manipulation.  I love that it makes music as an added feature.

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Puppets and 5 Traveling Tips

April 9, 2012

Puppets can bring a lot of fun to a trip with young kids. Here are 5 ways you can utilize them in your travels:   1.  Music–Play sing-a-long songs from a playlist or CD.  Either by you or your child, have the puppets sing along. 2.  Conversation–Using an older sibling or you, converse with your [...]

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Preschool Adventure–Captivating App for Preschoolers

April 6, 2012

I previously highlighted an app “Bubbles” that is perfect for toddlers.  This week, check out one guaranteed to please your preschooler or older toddler, while guaranteeing your pocket book, and your sanity, stay in check. Preschool Adventure is a wonderful app that your preschooler {and you!} will truly love.   It reinforces these skills: colors [...]

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Working off your strengths

March 19, 2012

We are successfully back from our trip to Kauai with our kids and it was a great success!  Few bumps from American Airlines, but I’ll have to share that in a future post…great story you’d think I made it happen just for this site {wink}.  I have a whole bunch of ideas from interviewing stewardesses, [...]

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“Not the Carseat Again!”–The Importance of Transitions

February 20, 2012

Young children naturally need transitions from one activity to another, especially when they don’t want to either leave the activity they are a part of, or don’t want to participate in the new activity.  For example, a 2 year old will not be happily eating dinner and then willingly be plopped straight into bed.  Every [...]

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Dancing and Singing Along, Together

January 26, 2012

Music can really add to a trip’s fun. However, as the parent, there are only so many “kids’ songs” you can endure.  The trick is to find music you and your child both love.   Look at the music you already own (or would like to own), find songs with catchy appropriate words, good rhythm [...]

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5 Tricks for Car Sleeping

January 18, 2012

Getting children to sleep while driving can be a challenge.  A few tips to help your little one fade away into dreamland… 1.  Make a bathroom stop/change diapers. 2. Make sure they have all their sleep necessities (blanket, pillow, animal, pacifier, etc) and everything is situated just so.   3. Double check that the environment [...]

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