Puppets and 5 Traveling Tips

by Laura on April 9, 2012

Puppets can bring a lot of fun to a trip with young kids. Here are 5 ways you can utilize them in your travels:


1.  Music–Play sing-a-long songs from a playlist or CD.  Either by you or your child, have the puppets sing along.

2.  Conversation–Using an older sibling or you, converse with your child through the puppet.  Ask questions, talk about the trip, comment on life events.

3.  Independent Play–Give your child two hand puppets, or finger puppets {check out this finger puppet post for ideas}.  You may have to help start the play with an idea, or see what naturally comes.  What parent doesn’t love hearing this imaginative play going on?

4. Peek-a-boo–With an infant, use a puppet to pop around an infant seat, or who slowly sneaks up to her and tickles her belly.

5.  Reverse Roleplay–Have your child pretend to be the mom and the puppet is the child. {Either you or an older child could be the puppet or your child could do both).  Start a situation, like the puppet is sad because he has nothing to do, and have “the parent” help him think of fun things to cheer him up.  Or the puppet is tired and cranky and “the parent” has to help him go to sleep.


What other ideas would be fun to use?  Have you ever brought a puppet on a trip?

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