Keeping a preschooler busy on the plane

by Laura on May 14, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, we went on a family trip to Kauai.  For the long flight, I wanted to make sure I was over prepared for things to do with my preschooler.  Good thing too!  We had an extra 5 hours of flight time that we weren’t planning on (more on that in a minute).

So, what did I pack for a preschooler?  Let me tell you…

1.  Dolphin neck pillow: came in very handy for playtime and napping.  We looped it over the handle with a rubberband and then put the pillow through it.

The entire contents, minus snacks


2.  Top right, wikki stix in tupperware container

3.  Top left: dry erase board with crayons

4.  Pencil pouch with twistables and small colored pencils

5. Headphones connected to iShuffle

6.  Collapsible water bottle

7.  Magnetic Creations

8. Imaginetics Calico Critters magnets.

9.  Princess coloring pad and stickers

10.  Small dolphin (a baby to play with the mama pillow dolphin)

11. New coloring book with crayons

12.  New book she would read over and over because of the favorite character.  She’s a big Angelina Ballerina fan.

13.  Snack bag she could eat when she chose (I’ll highlight that another time!)


We used all of these at some point during our 19 hours traveling time to Kauai.  Stay tuned to next Monday for the reasons WHY we had to plan for an extra 5 plus hours of flying time–I guarantee it is a fabulous and scary story!  The backpack also came in handy for down time at the hotel, traffic, and the long plane ride back.

I also recommend getting a rolling carry on bag for your child.  We had always done small backpacks before, but I had to be very careful about weight.  With a rolling bag, I didn’t have to worry about it being too heavy and my daughter loved pulling it through the airport just like the grownups do.  When she was tired of pulling it, I just strapped it to the top of my rolling carry on.  It fit easily under the seat for her to pull out her toys and activities when we needed something new.


Alright…I spilled it.  So–your turn!  What’s some of your favorite things to bring for entertainment?

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