An easier way to tote water

by Laura on March 14, 2012

It’s What’s out there Wednesday!  Today’s product highlight is the very cool “anti-bottle” from Vapur.

Neat features about this product:


–BPA free

–folds flat and when full, stands up straight

–sip top that is easier for little hands

–small clip on the side to attach the bottle to a backpack, or belt loop


–the company donates a portion of the profits to 1% For the Planet program to help with water related issues

–dishwasher and freezer safe…my favorite feature!


We brought ours straight through security at the airport last week and filled up at the water fountains. I really love how light and compact they are.


Different options:

My husband and I bought our Vapur bottles at Eddie Bauer.


Check out this link to find a store near you that sells them (not just Eddie Bauers have them).  Amazon also lists them and they are listed in HLT’s store on this site under “Cool Traveling Gear” above for your convenience.




However, if you want a slightly cheaper version, then check out “Watertote reusable bottles.”  So far, the only place I have found these is in specialty toy shops, but be sure to call ahead before hand.  We bought three of these for the kids to use as they had kids and sports graphics on them and were a couple dollars cheaper than the Vapur bottles.  I made sure everyone had a different image or color so we could all identify easily which one was ours.

In comparing the two brands though, it is obvious the Vapur ones are a little better quality.


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