“My own special music”

by Laura on January 17, 2012

Kids love to listen to “their special list” of music.  One cool way to do this is with an iPod.

Preload a playlist of kids’ music, give a small set of instructions, and they’ll be entertained for quite a while.  Here mine are happily sharing earphones to listen since my oldest daughter could more easily work the ipod.  Next time I got a splitter for two separate earphones and that worked  much better, but they shared great here.  Siblings listening to the same music also helps because they can sing along together.

Individual headphones are a little bit easier for smaller hands as it can be placed on your child’s head.  Just make sure the headphones are a cheapo kind as they may get broken easily :)   Our online store lists some great child-sized headphones which are a little more sturdy and more appropriately sized as well as the cheap ones.

Although my two shared the ipod above, next on our “to buy” list was an iPod shuffle for each one.  Easy for little ones to do and a favorite item because they can sing along to their music and easily change the songs.  Only took one 30 second tutorial and voila–instant happy traveler.  I also made sure to limit the volume settings on my computer before giving it to my child. The shuffles can clip right to the car seat straps, making it easier to find and handle.

Ipod shuffle

Traveling along in an RV with her ipod shuffle and own playlist.

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