Flying vs driving?

by Laura on March 16, 2012

Trying to evaluate whether to fly or drive on your next trip?  I am really excited to bring this next resource: and their  Fly or drive calculator to help you out.  I love that it compares the cost of your time as well as money.

When we travel with little kids, this question always comes up.  Most of the time, we will be driving, but it is really nice to see what the flying option might cost.

For driving, this calculator takes into account how many passengers you have, how many hours a day you’d drive and what kind of car you have.  It also gives approximate cities you’d make it to on your drive for each night’s stay.  What a great help that is!

For flying, it figures out ticket, parking, and rental costs, and your time at the airport as well as the flying time.

The calculator is now installed in this site’s sidebar for your convenience and shows the quick results.  Awesome resource for families!!!!!

Also make use of’s coupons for restaurants.  Save money when you are on vacation and have to eat out.


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