Keeping little ones happy in a restaurant

by Laura on May 4, 2012

When you are traveling and eating out more often than usual, little ones can be difficult to keep happy while waiting for your food.  Heck, they are difficult whether traveling or not!

Here is a fantastic post I found on pinterest, “10 Restaurant Waiting Games to Play with Kids”.  Some are games you’ve played, some might be new to you.  It is nice to have a list all ready to go.

I really like her ideas for using sugar packets and the ABC spy game.  We actually use a version of this spy game ourselves already!  I have the younger ones find and circle the letters of their name.

We also play “Stack the Sugar Packets” to see how high a tower you can get. Never gets very high :)

Question–Any other waiting games you play in your family?  I’d love to hear.



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Cheri March 11, 2013 at 3:40 pm

I somehow missed this one before. We have played sugar packet tic-tac-toe before. As an added challenge, don’t use straws for the grid and then the trick is creating the grid as you go! I like the disappearing game a lot. I’ll have to try that one and I like ABC SPY and using it for their name too. Cute!


Laura March 14, 2013 at 10:16 pm

Good idea of creating the grid as you go. I’m glad you found this one!


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