Travel and Entertaining with, oh yes, a Mechanical Counter

by Laura on May 7, 2012

We know that for young kids, any new thing can be exciting to play with. Counting games can be especially enjoyable for preschoolers {and elementary age kids} as you are driving.  Toddlers also love them, but may need a little more help.

One thing that is wonderful to have in your travel bag is a mechanical counter.   A mechanical counter can help make counting more fun and easier to tally.  Here are a few ideas to do just that:


1.  With just a little click, kids can tally how many things they see.  Your child will love discovering how many objects she can find out her window while driving or heck, just playing with the counter can be fun.

Red Barn, Longmont, CO

I spy one red barn!

2.  Try pairing the tallying with a list containing pictures of things to look for.  After looking for a certain object, say for one radio song, your child copies the numbers she sees next to the picture of that object.

3.  Have your child count along with the counter.  Press once, say “1,” Press again, say “2.”  You get the idea.  Challenge your child to see how high he can count.

4.  Like the song “12 Days of Christmas,” use the counters to find certain numbers of things.  For example, press it once, and find one car, press it again {the counter now show the number 2} and find two clouds, press it again and find three trees.


I found one digital counter I like.  You can add or subtract and it has a silencer if you don’t want to hear the little click sounds all the time! A definite plus in a small car.


Please share: What counting games do you use in the car?

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