DIY Pocket Blankets

by Laura on April 16, 2012

Sleeping in the car can be uncomfortable, but is a necessary part of traveling with kids.  After all, when the kids are asleep are some of the best breaks for parents and when you can make the best time!

We found one thing that really helped our family was sewing a pocket blanket.

Bring right along in the car to squeeze inside when it is time to sleep.  These special blankets made little toesies warm and felt like a “bed.”  It also prevented blankets from slipping off while sleeping and trying to get comfortable.  The best part about this blanket is that it is super easy to make and only optionally requires a straight line of sewing.  I am not a sewer, but I can do that {wink}!

Materials needed:

1 Solid color fleece fabric–cut 72″ if you want it to last a long time and have a double use for a twin bed.  When I made one for my then 4 year old, I decided to do a little smaller at 60″.

1 Patterned fleece fabric, same length.   Let your child pick their favorite pattern so the blanket will be sure to be a favorite.

Thread in a matching color if you want to sew it.



First step: Decide which border you want on your blanket, sewn (Pattern A) or tied (Pattern B).  Follow those instructions below.

Sewn edge


Tied edge

Instructions for Tied Pocket Blanket (pattern A):

1. Lay two fabrics on top of each other with pretty sides facing out.

2.  Pin together sides and bottom, approximately 4 inches from edges.

3.  Cut 4″ strips through both layers, along sides and bottom.  Make each strip approximately 1″ wide.  Use a ruler for precision.  I lay my ruler parallel to the edge of the fabric, 4″ in and then cut to the ruler every inch.  Do not cut along the top side of the blanket.

4.  Tie the patterned strip around the solid strip that it touches.  Alternate the next tying with the solid around the patterned.

5.  Keep tying till bottom and sides are finished. Remove pins.

Instructions for Seamed Edge (Pattern B):

1.  Lay two fabrics on top of each other with pretty sides facing in.

2.  Pin together sides and bottom, approximately 4 inches from edges.

3.  Sew a straight line seam along the bottom and sides, about 1/2″ to 1″ from the edge.  Do not cut along the top.

4.  Tidy up the edges by trimming with scissors.  Make cuts from the edge of the fabric almost to the sewn line on the bottom corners.  This will help the corners lay flatter.

5.  Turn inside out.

Now your child is ready to enjoy the finished product!! In addition to use in the car, we’ve used it for hotel rooms, grandma’s house, sleeping bags, and an extra blanket in their bed at home.  It’s nice to have something put to great use.

This is the tied edge, but my daughter turned it inside out.

Option for toddlers:

If you are making this for a child in a regular carseat, not booster seat, lay the finished blanket on top of the carseat.  Cut a hole where the bottom buckle comes out of the carseat.  Instant pocket that stays put  :)

Have another blanket tip?  Please share or let me know if you used this tutorial. Happy traveling!

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