Making sure your carseat fits

by Laura on April 13, 2012

A big question on airplane traveling with a carseat is whether the carseat will fit.  As each aircraft has its own particulars, a little research can relieve your worry there.  Try these three sites to help with those efforts:


1. Check out “Carseat Quick Information – Measurements & Feature Capsules” for measurements on infant, convertible, combination, and booster seats.  They also have a large forum with thousands of posts related to all things carseat.


2.  Seat Guru: Find the airplane configurations for your flight.  Find out which seats have more legroom, immovable armrests, loud engine noise, etc.


3.  Amazon: Post a question to the carseat forum on whether a particular carseat would fit on a plane, and get answers from customers who have tried it.


If you have flown with carseats before, which type of seat did you prefer?  How did it work out for you?  Please also include what carseat you flew with.  Thanks!


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