Playlists for the car

by Laura on April 10, 2013

In my upcoming book, Happy Little Travelers, I’ve been collecting and compiling songs that are perfect for both adults and kids to enjoy while traveling.  You know, those type of songs where you love to sing along, and your child easily picks up the lyrics and might start belting it out too?  We all know that there are only so many times you can listen to your toddler’s favorite CD.

I have talked about this topic before, and listed some ideas to get you started on this post: Dancing and Singing Along, Together.  However, I’d love to hear about some new songs on your list!  I also know there are some lurkers out there who haven’t posted, now is your chance :)


So this is what I am looking for:

1.  Songs you and your child both love.

2.  Clean, good words (shouldn’t even have to mention this, but it is amazing how many songs have words I wouldn’t want my little ones singing!)

3.  Catchy chorus or easy to learn sections


Or…maybe you just have a song that you want to make sure your child will learn and like, so you can listen to it and not have any complaints.

I have a good playlist going in the book, but I am really curious to see if others list those same ones or I can add some new ideas.  I’m looking forward to hearing from your side!  Ready, set, go!

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