Crayon roll-up: buy it or make it!

by Laura on March 20, 2013

I have amazing sisters who all have young kids as well.  I love it when they pass on products they have found!  Here’s a great idea that keeps crayons perfect for travel:


This product is fabulous because it is quick to see if you have all the crayons when it is time to put away, easy for your child to pull out a needed color, and nice way to organize and keep the crayons in good shape.  You could even use the strap to hang it on the back of a chair in front of your child or clipped to a carabineer.

Want to make your own?

Now if you are a little more crafty and want to make it, I found some great DIY instructions on SpunkyDIY for one.  I like that it closes with an elastic and a button.

      from SpunkyDIY


If a video is more your style, check out the DIY dish for their tutorial on crayon roll-ups.  Clear instructions on the video and super cute.

         from DIY dish


If you are not a sewer, I found a DIY crayon roll for you as well!  Using duct tape



If you decide to make one yourself, let me know how it goes!  I’d love to see a picture.  I plan to also make one.

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