Haha…greatly underestimated moving!

by Laura on February 4, 2013

I am excited to start this up again!  Moving across several states, in many different transitions, took so much out of me…I am amazed at women who can spring back so quickly.  It seems organization, boxes, getting kids adjusted, and  figuring out new schedules took more time than I originally anticipated.

Watch for things to be a little different around here as I have found a way to make it more manageable with all the demands being a mom brings.  Stay tuned for more ideas on traveling with your little ones,  interesting web stories and articles, cool products, and updates on my book.  Speaking of that, I am rereading and adding to it, so there might be some tips I’d like to add from my readers!  You have no idea how much I want to get this huge collection of over 400 ideas off my computer :)   I am also starting to look for guest posts, so stay tuned for those as well.

Welcome to the new followers–I’m excited to hear your travel stories and experiences as well.

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