My Own Special Coloring Book

by Laura on January 30, 2012

Finding that perfect coloring book sometimes doesn’t happen.  So, why not make your own?


Here’s how to get started:

-Pick a binder in your child’s favorite color.

-Print coloring pages or mazes.  The Printables page has fabulous resources to direct you to.  Another option is to hole punch a few pages from different coloring books to make a unique one tailored to your child.

-Add some blank paper for other creative drawing.  I always make sure to have lined as well as plain white.

-Insert a zippered pencil pouch filled with pencils and crayons.

–Stick a pad of stickers in the inside pocket to add sticker fun to the blank pages.


And voila!  A hard surface for your child to color as well as pages he will be thrilled about.

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