Where are those rest stops?

by Laura on May 11, 2012

I don’t know about you, but it always seems like we are looking for a rest stop and then pass one too late.  Or I wish I would have known that a rest stop was at a certain point along our route.

Last weekend, we headed down to Sea World and a wedding.  Being a whirlwind trip, driving down there 5 hours, going to Sea World, waking up early the next morning for the wedding and festivities, and then driving home 5 hours, I was really curious if there was an app that could help with my rest stop problem.  Low and behold, there was!

I compared two free apps (not in a mood to buy one that day) and found one that works well, the “Rest Area Finder” by Clean Micro LLC.

Features I like:

-Automatically finds your location

-Displays rest stops, welcome enters, and scenic views

-Lists which facilities are available there (picnic tables, restroom, wifi, pet walking area, vending machines, etc.)

-Tells you which side of the road the stop is located

-Displays the distance to that rest stop from your location

-Displays all locations on a map, with different colored balloons for each kind of stop

-Can display rest stops within 500 miles, you can lower this number if you wish

and did I mention it was free?  Yay…

Please share: Do you have an app that you love using while driving on a during roadtrips?

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