Looking for a cheaper vacation?

by Laura on April 23, 2012

Who is not looking for ways to cut costs on a summer vacation?  Happily traveling with our families also means trying to keep our pocketbook happy.

According to Rick Seaney, an airfare expert at USA Today, there are 6 key places this summer where airfare will cost less than other destinations.  His tip for getting the best price on airfare this summer?  Buy now, don’t wait.

His other tip is to keep waiting for last minute deals and then just twiddle your thumbs at home if it doesn’t happen.

My advice?  Buy flights now, or wait for those deals while planning to drive to your destination if it doesn’t work out.  Of course you could always just forget the flying and plan on driving to begin with.  Just don’t forget to get your travel activity ideas from here! :)




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