DIY Ribbon Button Snake

by Laura on April 2, 2012

I was so excited to see this DIY craft the other day!  Sitting in church, I saw my friend Susan with her cute little boys quietly working with this cute homemade toy.  So, after following up with her, I am excited to bring it to you today :)

Isn’t this ribbon button snake so cute? I LOVE activities where your child is engaged and learning.  Your child manipulates the button through the holes of the felt and pulls the felt along to the bottom of the “snake”.

Materials you need:

*Different colored squares of felt, cut 3×3

*Thick ribbon, cut at least 16 inches (you can always cut less)

*Large button



Sew the button on the end of the ribbon very securely.

Cut slit into the squares the size of the button.

At the very end of the ribbon, tie a large, loose knot.  This will allow you to untie it and just slide off the felt scraps when your child is finished. I linked to some other sites that suggested you sew one felt scrap to the very bottom of the ribbon instead, acting as a base for the other scraps.


I love that this activity provides:

*wonderful independent play

*fine motor skill practice for little fingers

*transportability–just put all pieces in a ziploc and you are ready to go.

*skill practice with shapes (if you cut different ones), colors, patterns

*individuality–the snake could turn our different everytime

*skill levels–you can easily make it a little harder with a small button and smaller slits


In regards to the skill practice, you could use this activity to introduce or practice skills your child is ready for.  For example,

–Cut felt into shapes (circles, squares, rectangles, diamond, triangle, stars).  “Can you find the star to put on?”  or “What shapes did you put on?”

–Introduce or practice patterns. “Can you make a snake that just goes red, blue, red, blue?  What a great pattern you did.”  or  “I’m going to see if you can make a pattern on the snake with the colors.”  Also point out patterns that your child does on her own.  “Cool pattern…yellow, green, yellow, green.  Can you make a pattern with three colors?”

–Count how many pieces your child adds or give a certain number for him to put on….”4 red, now 3 blue…”


Tips for Traveling:

–Make sure to keep everything in a plastic ziploc bag.  Then the bag can easily be propped next to your child when in use.

–Use for independent play or have an adult or older sibling help with the skills mentioned above.


Great for the plane, car, or really anywhere your child has to wait in one place.  Thanks Susan for sharing this idea!


I also found this craft on the web:

Button Snake from The Activity Mom–different suggestion to sew the last felt scrap on at the end.

Cheap & Easy::Button Snake from Jonah Lisa Land–good tutorial here.


Happy traveling!


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Heather February 28, 2013 at 12:02 am

I missed this back when you posted it and so glad I see it now! THIS IS FABULOUS!! It is an activity I can use at church, with my home preschool, and with travel!! Thanks for posting it.


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