Troubles along the way

“Not the Carseat Again!”–The Importance of Transitions

February 20, 2012

Young children naturally need transitions from one activity to another, especially when they don’t want to either leave the activity they are a part of, or don’t want to participate in the new activity.  For example, a 2 year old will not be happily eating dinner and then willingly be plopped straight into bed.  Every [...]

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25 Ways to Tackle the “I Wanna’s” on a Roadtrip

February 13, 2012

Today’s problem concerns the case of the “I wanna’s.” This attack occurs when you take kids on trips and have to make a stop at a gas station, shopping center, museum, amusement park, or basically everywhere, because your child will inevitable find something he or she cannot live without.  You of course, not having the [...]

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Avoiding germs during your travels

February 7, 2012

We all know it is tough enough to keep your kids from getting sick normally.  Add in traveling and you can be met with a whole new set of germs everywhere you go.  So, what’s a parent to do?  As much as we’d like, we can’t keep our kids in a plastic bubble, so we [...]

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Flat tires and throw-up!

January 18, 2012

This post is dedicated to those inevitable troubles along the way. On this trip, we had 2 big ones, a sick toddler and a shredded tire! A sick toddler is no fun at all. About 30 minutes into our trip, my youngest threw up all over her clothes and into her car seat below her. [...]

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