Your worst experiences…Part 2

by Laura on March 5, 2012

Ready to hear more of those worst experiences while traveling with kids?

I have received several stories as a follow up to “She told me I should throw my baby off the plane” post last week.   By reading these different experiences, it helps us remember that sometimes during vacation, despite our best efforts, our kids will melt down.  Something goes different than according to plan.  Someone gets sick.  And we can pick up the pieces, put a smile on, and realize we’ll get though it!   And maybe someday we can laugh about it.

Check out the comments from the last post for a few more stories.  I also forgot to link to this one last week…flat tires and throw up.  Enjoy!


My hardest trip ever was traveling with 7 children, including a 2 month nursing baby, no husband and driving 15 hours to a family reunion. I don’t know how I survived. –Ilene


My husband had two week long business trips back to back and I didn’t want to be alone with all the kids for two weeks, so I arranged for the older kids to have time with family and I was going to take the two toddlers to PA to visit my sister. Things went great the first leg of the flight. We got on, they watched a movie, they fell asleep. I got compliments on how great they were. Then we landed for our layover and the other shoe dropped. They woke up fussy and both wanting to be carried…so did my carry on bags. So I’m trying to get to the next gate…I can see it, but I could not get there because of two crying kids both wanting to be carried and three suitcases to carry. I looked around to see if there were any employees to see if I could get some help and there were three standing at the check in desk talking and laughing. I asked (not so nicely) if I could get some help and would you believe it THEY SAID NO! A shocked passer by was kind enough to walk my suitcases to the next gate so I could carry my kids. While at the gate the kids were fighting over who could sit on my lap, and they didn’t want to share. Again, someone watching offered the kids a candy and they got quiet enough to board the next flight and get to PA.   –Jennifer


We took the boys to Colorado for a ski trip last year. We were congratulating ourselves on how well our trip had gone as we pulled into the hotel with all three kids asleep. As we got them out of the car we had one that had peed his pants, one threw up all over everything – luggage and coats, etc and the baby was screaming for food. We had about every bodily fluid to take care of in that next ten minutes. What a mess! –Christine


When we went to Russia, we had to go through security in a locked holding room with officers with guns, to check visas and passports. Our son was 4, and he was supposed to be with me. When my wife, instead of me, took him by the hand and went into the holding area, he started screaming, “You’ve got the wrong kid! You’ve got the wrong kid!” Nothing like explaining to a Russian soldier with an AK-47 who speaks little English that, yes, those are your children.  –Kevin


We flew to Maui with our son and he was great but I had a storage of food, dvd player, books, you name it. The kid next to us was screaming, I gave her some books and snacks to quiet her down but she wasn’t having it. The stewardess came by to tell me my son had to wear ear buds and that we can’t have the volume on at all while meanwhile the other kid is screaming. Whatever. He was 14 months old, I am sure he will wear ear buds (ha ha). I say when all else fails then you buy the rows around you a round of drinks….not much else you can do.  –Kathleen


On a recent trip we went to Legoland and after eating Little Caesar’s pizza, my 5-year-old puked on the hotel bathroom floor at around 11 o’clock pm. We used all of our bathroom towels mopping up the floor and rinsing them in the tub over and over. Pink towels.  –Degan


And to end it, a good quote from a family friend:

I like to compare road trips with kids to childbirth.  Things are going along nice and smooth and then BAM! Contraction out of nowhere!  Finally things calm down and then BAM!  Another one!  And so it goes… —Kimberly

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Loved these stories.  Thank you for sharing!  Not too late to add your story…I know there are some good ones out there just waiting to be shared {bwahahaha}.

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Cheri March 6, 2012 at 4:49 pm

When my daughter was 18 months old, we went on a weekend camping trip. The campsite we chose was near a lake which added beauty but also temptation for my daughter who naturally gravitated towards the water. So, when it came time to pack-up to leave, I let her climb freely around inside the car while we walked back and forth the small distance from the car to the campsite gathering our stuff. It was only 50 yards or so, and still completely visible. I got hot and so I ended up taking off my pullover sweater and putting it in the car. On my return trip to the car, I discovered a lovely surprise. My daughter had found the locking button, locking herself in the car, and the keys were in my sweater!

Since we were in a remote area, we were 45 minutes from a locksmith! Luckily, it was a cool day and since she was not in her carseat, she remained happy climbing around. While we waited, we attempted to get her to press the unlock button, but to no avail. Then, we tried getting her to find my keys. I thought that if she found them, she would enjoy pushing the buttons on the fob and eventually press unlock. However, the sweater was in too much of a jumbled heap, that she couldn’t find the entrance to the pocket and soon gave up. What she did find while snooping around however, was my make-up bag! What a glorious time she had as her mommy helplessly looked on as she painted her lips, eyes, and cheeks with all mommy’s forbidden make-up. Forty-five minutes later, we had an unlocked car and a freed but nearly unrecognizable toddler!


Laura March 6, 2012 at 10:49 pm

Love that story…hope you got a picture! Thanks for sharing it on here.


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