Working off your strengths

by Laura on March 19, 2012

We are successfully back from our trip to Kauai with our kids and it was a great success!  Few bumps from American Airlines, but I’ll have to share that in a future post…great story you’d think I made it happen just for this site {wink}.  I have a whole bunch of ideas from interviewing stewardesses, observing and talking to other families, and from our own experiences.  Watch for these topics in upcoming posts!


Today we are going to talk about working off your strengths, particularly during road trips.    One of the things I really love about teaching preschool and kindergarten is the children’s love for the teacher and for new activities.  As the teacher, I could be as silly or playful as I wanted–in fact, the more I would ham it up or show enthusiasm for something, the more they loved it.  Applying this idea to road trips will help your toddler or preschooler in the same way, making the trip more fun. Let me give some examples:

1.  You love music.  Let’s say you particularly love classical music.  Each road trip, designate a time to learn a new song!  Excitedly talk about why you love the song, point out your favorite part when it comes up, and then, as the song plays, pretend to be conductors to the music.  Clap when you are finished.


2.  With your love of music, pick a new song with great lyrics you want your child to enjoy with you.  Blast it and sing it….loud!  Have everyone join in as you are traveling down the road.  Put some of these favorite songs on your child’s ipod so they can listen to your favorite music and learn to love them as well.

3.  Are you a drama buff?  Teach your preschooler to pretend situations with you and use that joy of acting!  Find funny things you can pretend together while you drive and talk.

4.  Love to read? Have special new books, introducing them as “I loved to read these when I was a child.  This is a favorite.”  Read it to them or have them check out the pictures.  Utilize those older siblings in reading as well.


5.  Make up your own stories!  “Let’s make a fabulous story together.  Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved flowers, but all the flowers had disappeared.  So, she…..hmmm what could she have done next?”  Your stories will take a fabulous twist as you and your child think of it together.  Record your story during its creation so you can write it down later.  We’ve created so many stories through the years–it would have been fun to have a written record of them.  Maybe we should start now at least…

6.  Do you really enjoy playing games? Keep lists of your favorite games while driving (TONS of these ideas coming in my book)

7.  Are you an artist or really enjoy fine art?  Have your own drawing exhibition while you drive!  Each child can draw something extra special and then display it to the family.  Find 2 things you love about the artwork as you celebrate the artist’s efforts.

When we work off our strengths, we bring a passion for that activity that is passed on to our little travelers.  Especially during a road trip, these strengths can be an asset to us!  It takes a lot out of a parent to entertain toddlers and preschoolers.   However, if we really love the activity, it makes it easier for us to want to entertain and make memories with our child instead of just popping in that DVD.

Happy traveling!

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