Seek and Find

by Laura on March 21, 2012

I love this next product to entertain little travelers!   Today’s What’s out there Wednesday highlight is Find it.

Find it

This game is really fun for kids because the tube is filled with small objects you find as you shake and move the little beads inside.  All ages enjoy it and I have found preschoolers love it as well as older kids {no matter their age}.  On the top lid, it lists every item that you could find inside.  Preschoolers obviously won’t be able to read the items, but they can still enjoy finding them.  The objects are really packed in there, so it does take some shaking, spinning {exercise while driving!}, and searching.




Another trick comes in how you present it…

“How many things can you find?”

“I bet you can find a really weird thing in there.”

“I am so curious what objects are inside this.  Can you tell me what you find and I’ll listen while I drive?”


Older siblings can also help the little ones find interesting objects or they might want to use it themselves.  Parents will love this game because no little parts can leak out.  The toy is made of a plastic (not glass) tube with sealed ends.

There are also lots of different versions!  Themes include: beach, glitz and glamour {it’s pink!}, sports, original, wizard of oz, veggie tails, and on the farm.  A fabulous independent play toy.  To keep this game new and exciting for car trips, keep it out of reach for normal play at home.  As always, find it in this site’s store for convenience.

Apparently, the penny is hard to find…want some extra help?  Check out this video:

Anyone else using these games or had experience with them?

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